Weight Loss

Valencia Medical Center has a unique approach to weight loss – focuses on the root and cause of the problem

Before diving into a specific diet, it’s important to have an idea of whether you have a true food allergy or a food intolerance.

It seems like everyone and their cat is on a special diet. Maybe you’ve wondered if you might have a food allergy or intolerance, especially if you feel a little bloated after eating dairy or wheat.

Using a blood test can help identify food allergies or intolerance, allowing Doctor to create a specific diet plan customized to your digestive.

Unlike most commercial weight-loss programs, Valencia Medical Center gets to the root cause of your unique weight problem, whether it is:

    • Diet or lack of exercise
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Stress
    • Emotional anxiety
    • Poor health habits

Valencia Medical Center uses the information gathered from you, plus your individual metabolism and body composition, to develop your own personal nutrition and lifestyle plan that can help you finally lose the weight for good. Your weight-loss team continues to stay engaged with you to closely follow your weight-loss progress, making adjustments, if needed.

What strategies can help me lose weight?

    • Valencia Medical Center offers a number of weight loss strategies to help you finally lose the weight for good. In our weight-loss toolbox, we offer:
      • Food Allergy Testing
      • Hormonal Imbalance Assessment
      • Customized Nutritional Assessment & Food Journal
      • Lipo-Laser Body Contouring
      • Cellulite Reduction
      • Fascia Blasting
      • IV Vitamin Hydration
      • B12 injections
      • Lipo injections to help burn body fat
    • If your hunger is making it difficult for you to stick with your plan, Valencia Medical Center also offers appetite suppressants.

What happens after I reach my weight-loss goals?

Valencia Medical Center understands that maintaining your weight loss can be more difficult than losing weight. So, when you reach your goal, we provide you with a weight-maintenance plan that helps you make permanent lifestyle changes, so you keep the weight off. We also continue to provide you with the support you need that helps you stay motivated and on track.

For a weight-loss plan customized just for you, so you lose the weight for good, call Valencia Medical Center today to schedule your appointment.