Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Therapy

Keep or Get Back Your Active Lifestyle with Stem Cell Therapy

By harnessing the body’s natural powers of regeneration, stem cell therapy offers new hope for a number of serious health conditions, including arthritis.

Regenerative Medicine focuses on addressing the root cause of pain instead of managing symptoms. It supports the body’s ability to heal itself. Regenerative Medicine has the potential to heal or repair damaged tissues and organs. There are thousands of researchers working to restore and repair injured tissues and organs to promote longevity, painless and ageless living.

Annually, there are more than 160,000 patients receiving these helpful treatments. Stem cell transplants save more than 60,000 lives each year. There are many success stories of world famous athletes who have used stem cells, instead of surgery, and were back to work and on the field after a short recovery period.

Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Therapy changes the direction of medicine from treating symptoms and costly invasive surgeries, to soon promising a cure for incurable diseases. FDA approved Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy for orthopedic injuries, offers our patients at Valencia Medical Center, a better quality of life option, while avoiding invasive surgeries.

Valencia Medical Center also offers FDA approved biologics products, such as Allograft.

Dedicated research offers hope that using adult stem cells will lead to helping those suffering from diseases in Cardiology, Optometry, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more.

We are dedicated and proud to bring Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy to Valencia. Offering a wide range of treatments in orthopedics, pain management, and diabetic wounds. Making available natural Rejuvenation Services for facial and body, hair restoration, hormone therapy, and cell based facial rejuvenation. Providing ageless appearance using our advanced PRP Microneedling with enhanced growth factors – then end result is younger skin without the use of toxins.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the most unique cell type in the human body. They’re essentially blank cells that can become any other variety of specialized cell in your body according to needs. Stem cells can also reproduce a limitless number of times to make brand new stem cells, which also have the ability to become any other kind of cell needed.

What conditions can stem cell therapy help?

Stem cell therapy can help with many conditions, including:

  • Surgical wounds
  • Tendon damage
  • Severe muscle strain
  • Arthritis
  • Damaged cartilage
  • Torn meniscus

Stem cell therapy is an effective healing solution for many other joint and soft tissue injuries and conditions, as well.

Where do the stem cells used in my treatment come from?

Valencia Medical Center believes strongly in ethical stem cell treatment, which means avoiding embryonic stem cell use. The stem cells that she uses in your treatment come from your own body. She gently harvests a small quantity of bone marrow from your large hip bone. Your bone marrow is full of stem cells, which makes it the ideal material for your stem cell therapy.

How are the stem cells processed for use in my treatment?

Valencia Medical Center processes your bone marrow in the on-site sterile lab. She places your bone marrow in a cutting-edge centrifuge, which precisely separates the stem cells, healing platelets, and immediate growth factors from the other cells.

The healing platelets and growth factors, also directly from your own bone marrow, magnify the power of the stem cells even more. The centrifuge process takes about three hours.

How does my stem cell therapy treatment work?

Valencia Medical Center uses ultrasound guidance to precisely inject your stem cell mixture where you need it. She can deliver the stem cell mixture into any joint or specific area in your body, based on what kind of pain or injury you’re dealing with.

Your stem cells move directly to your damaged tissue, where they morph into new cell types as needed. Your healthy new cells replace damaged or dying ones, which reduces or eliminates inflammation and pain.

Many patients enjoy long-lasting relief from stem cell therapy. You may feel better within the first six weeks. Over the next 6-12 months, the stem cells specialize and multiply further to alleviate your pain and help you heal.

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