Looking to fight a hangover, boost your immunity, or hydrate your body?

Try our advanced and customized IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy Treatments!

For decades, IVs have been used by physicians to get vitamins and nutrients into the body quickly – and thus getting quick results.

Book a consultation with our Physician to customize your own personal IV that is right for you and will work with your personal lifestyle, diet, and regimen. So that even when your life begins to wear you down, you can make sure you’re still receiving some of the most essential vitamins your body needs to be able to function at an optimal level.

We offer a variety of different IV treatments including:

  • Immunity Boost
    • For those days you can feel the beginnings of a cold or flu, give your immune system an extra boost.
  • Hydration Therapy
    • Feeling Dehydrated? Quickly rehydrate your body with IV fluids.
  • Myers Cocktail
    • Replenish your mental and bodily energy with some of your most needed vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate your body.
  • Myers Cocktail Plus
    • Similar to Myers’ cocktail with the addition of a B12 injection given intramuscularly
  • Hangover Recovery Therapy
    • Designed specifically to help with those hangovers and to help you recover more quickly.
  • Anti-Aging Therapy
    • Looking to reduce signs of aging and sun damage to your face. Try our anti-aging therapy IV full of vitamins and the addition of a powerful antioxidant.
  • Re-Energize IV Therapy
    • Was that workout this morning too much? Recover quickly with our fitness IV specially designed with the right amount of amino acids and vitamins to restore your muscles and boost your energy levels.
  • Weight Loss Shot

Speeds up the metabolism, boosts mood & energy, and reduces stress.